This past week, I’ve made some decision that I’m really excited about. The first, I’m doing a very exciting psychedelic ceremony during this last week of age 27. Second, I booked a trip to see my pops during Thanksgiving with my sis and brother in law. We’re going to Disney World (lol hello childhood) and a Steeler’s Game! Yay for dad! Cami and I will just be there to support him. Finally, I’m heading to Tulum for my birthday!

This will be my 3rd birthday in a row in Mexico, and I’m so grateful. I somehow convinced my mom to come with me and we’re both really excited. I told her if I meet hot guys, she’ll have to sleep outside our hotel room, and she’s cool with that. hahahha #champ

As this year of my life wraps up, I’ve been really sentimental. Taking in this incredible full moon, journaling a ton, and taking time to reflect.

Okay, sex stuff.

I feel like now that I’m doing this sex hiatus, the person/people that I have sex with for the first time needs to be bomb AF.

Like I can’t just be all in my feels, having great masturbation sessions and then have meh sex. This is me adding pressure to the whole experience, and who knows how I’ll feel next week, but in the meantime, I’m vibing and having fun with myself, and enjoying this solitude.

That was a long intro, but today, I want to talk with ya’ll about a topic that is about talking!


My first sexual partner and I were dirty talking fanatics. He taught me so much because I felt really confident and he was obsessed with all aspects of my body.

After him, my dirty talking days went kind of dormant, and I became really nervous any time someone would start talking dirty to me. Recently, however, I’ve been reminded about how much I love a good dirty talk, and I discovered that it’s not as intimidating as I once thought.

It’s even in my nature to talk dirty to myself during a masturbation session. I don’t watch porn because I like to fantasize about past experiences that I’ve had, and dirty talking is a part of that.

I’m going to teach you how to dirty talk today!

To keep this simple, literally all you have to do to start a good dirty talk session is describe the experience as it’s happening.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to the Dirty Talking Triple D:

1. What you’re about to do:

-“I am going to slowly lick my way down to your dick”

-“I am going to let you slowly put it in me”

-“I am going to take you from the back”

-“Wait until you see what I have planned for you”

-“I’m going to make you cum so hard”

2. What you’re doing:

-“It feels so good when you ride my dick like that”

-“Your dick tastes so good in my mouth”

-“You’re so deep inside me right now”

-“I’m so wet around your cock”

-“Do you like this view?”

-“That feels so good”

-“Don’t stop”

-“You’re making me cum”

*pause for a masturbation break.. Jesus*

3. What you just did:

            -“You rode my dick so good”

            -“You made me so wet”

            -“Did you like the way I fucked you?”

            -“I love how hard you got for me”

            -“You just made me melt”

A nice touch is to also throw in compliments as you see fit:

            -“Your body looks so beautiful”

            -“You have a perfect dick”

            -“I love kissing you”

            -“You move like a goddess”

            -“Your skin is so soft”

            -“You’re a mother fucking A+ gggguuurrrrlll”… too much? Maybe.

The idea is: Just describe the sex you’re having. That’s the secret sauce. Then, tailor the experience for the person you’re with, and try not to babble.

I’ve been with people before where the dirty talking was so intense that I kind of forgot what my body was doing and the sensation wasn’t as good. Take pauses between phrases to also just be in the moment… this ISN’T PORN… it’s real sex. Allow yourself to feel.

Once you feel cozy with the Dirty Talking Triple D, you can get a little more wild with the following Bonus Rounds:

1. Tell the person they own parts of your body:

            -“This is your pussy”

            -“Who’s dick is this”

            -“You’re in control of my body”

2. Giving instructions:

            -“Spit in my mouth”

            -“Choke me”

            -“Spit on my dick”

            -“Use your hands”

3. Name calling:

*In general, hold off on using derogatory or BDSM names unless you’ve previously discussed with your sexual partner. Calling someone Daddy or little dirty whore might float some boats and rapidly sink others. If you want to be called something specific, tell your partner that. If you have things you wouldn’t like to be called, mention that too.

On your dirty talking journey, know this: YOU WILL FAIL and say something embarrassing. Not all lines will land you in a pleasure spiral. That’s okay and totally normal. It’s like queefing. It will happen and it will be awk, but are you going to stop doing doggy forever because of that? No!

*Note: Under any circumstances: DO NOT SAY “wait, what?!” And do not apologize for what you’ve said (unless it’s offensive and your partner is now really confused and sad). There’s no time for apologies or clarification. When in doubt, just roll with it.

Finally, when the sexual experience is over… TALK with your partner about what they did and didn’t like. What really got them going and what they could do without. I love this opportunity to connect and to get better together.

If you don’t have a partner, but want to practice… talk dirty to your dildo. Have some fun while you’re sans sex partner. It will be great!

Yay! Go dirty talk your little hearts out!

Love you!


Let me know if this helps you in the comments section! As always, I appreciate you sharing this on your Instagram and other mediums!

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  1. Thank you for this great starter information. I really appreciate the way you leveled the comments and the cautions of when to best use them. Well done.
    I’ll hopefully get to use some of your tips soon.

  2. Really enjoy your blog. It’s like you jumped in my head!! Thanks for sharing your positivity and being so open!

  3. In love with your blog . It was very helpful and Happy birthday week 🤗🤗 can’t wait for the next one

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