Happy April, you sexy freaks. If you don’t feel like a sexy freak, I’m manifesting that for you…

It’s the first Monday of the FOURTH month of the year which means, I’m one month closer to fifty.

As I sit down to write today, I notice that my body and my mind are buzzing with delight. Over the past few months, I’ve been working (pretty rigorously) on my bounce back game. On recognizing my own energetic patterns,  and observing myself – all of myself – with as little judgement as possible. When I get down or blue, I have things I do to wham bam, bend and snap back.

If this is a little vague and whip-lashy for you, I’ll now provide an example.

I’ve been very motivated lately to optimize my schedule, my eating, and my strength. I’m switching up my training routine, my protein intake, and my overall outlook on time management. Partially because I want to, partially because I met a very motivating soul (Shane Hanner… check him out), and partially because I’ve had to. My coaching business is growing and it’s crucial that I really dial in the things that matter to me.

This weekend, we celebrated my brother-in-law’s birthday, and had such a blast. While I wanted to hold myself accountable for my goals, I also wanted to indulge a bit, have some margaritas, and a giant vegan buffalo chikn’ sandwich with my friends. I chose to indulge. And I loved it in the moment.

When I woke up this morning, I felt a little like a loser. I felt like I had 300 things to do, and now I was off to a late start: “Come on, Lauren… you didn’t have to do that yesterday. You could have gone to sleep early, meal prepped, woken up per usual at the butt crack of dawn, meditated, journaled, and started your Monday off with a bang!”

That’s the narrative that was natural for me this AM, anxiety, and tightness in my chest were starting to boil up into a negativity spiral. I’m very familiar with that feeling, and now have the tools to turn it the hell around. I gave myself FIVE MINUTES to sit on my meditation cushion before my Monday Morning Clubhouse talk at 8am, and had the following Q&A with myself:

  1. Q: Is there anything I can do to go back in time and change my decisions? A: No.
  2. Q: If I could go back in time, would I have changed my actions? A: No.
  3. Q: Did I enjoy myself tremendously? A: Yes.
  4. Q: Is it possible for me to still have a very productive day, despite a tardy start? A: Yes.
  5. Q: Can you change your mindset right now, and allow actions to follow? A: Yes.
  6. Q: Are all of your goals out the window after one fun day? A. Hayl No.
  7. Q: Can I show up as a terrific version of myself right now? A. Yep!

Boom. I have the answers I need.

After this internal dialogue, I stood up, turned on music, and allowed my body to flow and dance and process for TWO MINUTES.

It’s incredible how quickly my mindset went from grim, and self-deprecating to a mindset of vigor, confidence, and excitement for the day.

I’ll do better tonight, and tomorrow morning. My intentions are to be my best, most confident, most powerful me. And then to live there. Each day I have honest dialogue with myself. Each day, and each moment that I show up for me, I’m better able to show up for all those around me. For my business. For new opportunities.

I share this today because practicing this internal check-in has helped me through really challenging times. Like break-ups, confusing relationship dynamics, sexual confidence woes, questionable professional decisions, and various other curve-balls. These check-ins help me with my overall optimistic and jubilant attitude.

I’m not suggesting that every difficult period is easily solved by a 5-minute inquisition session and two minute ass-shaking experience. But what I am saying is it’s imperative to sit with ourselves. To quiet the mind, and to check in with the person we love most… ourselves.

AND IT’S IMPERATIVE TO PRACTICE THIS FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES. Dramatic, I know. Perhaps daunting. But self-love is a practice. More often than not, it’s not a given.

This is step one for improving our sex-lives, and our whole lives. Without knowing what you like, without self-soothing, without emotional expression, without deepening our understanding of our truths, fulfilling sex with others can be that much more difficult.

It was revealed to me recently by several clients and spiritual experiences that yes, I help beautiful people improve their sexual and overall confidence, but way beyond that, I help beautiful people STEP INTO THEIR PERSONAL POWER.

The power that’s inside.

The power that lives within.

The power that has existed since birth.

The power that wants to tear through your chest.

The power that may be misaligned.

The power that may be silenced.

The power that may be lying dormant.

I’m borderline obsessed with guiding sexual confidence and personal power journeys as I embark on my own. It’s a wild experience, and I’m so honored to have any eye balls on the work I’m doing. Boo hoo. I’m kind of crying.

As many of you saw this past week, I posted about the heinous censorship I’m experiencing on Instagram. It feels like the more I step into my power, the more challenging it is to show up there. Oddly, I’m at peace with this, as it’s encouraging me to spread my wings, and expand my pack presence. I’ll continue to speak my truth, to bring my gift into the world, to have conversations with you, AND I’d love to continue the conversation if something should happen to any of my platforms.

Here is the link to sign up for my mailing list. I will not spam you. I am so excited to share with you what I’ve been working on for the last few months. Promise, you’ll be happy you’re on the mailing list.

I’m now on Clubhouse too! Yay! Let’s connect there if that’s your thing.

Alright, that’s what I have for you today. Nothing too detailed about my own sex life, although it’s been (fire). I hope you have a beautiful first Monday of April. You deserve it. No matter what your weekend was like. No matter what your last year was like. You deserve happy.

I love you.


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