Naked is a mindset.

Throughout my life I have always struggled between two opposing selves. One of them wanting to throw caution to the wind to be a sex positive and bold public figure making art with my body. The other being a person who wants to hide in nature, permanently resting in savasana, listening to sound bowls and being surrounded by crystals.
I have always seen those two selves as people that exist on different planes (yes, very frustrating) until recently.

When I was in Mexico for new years, Jason and I drove past this secluded beach tucked away behind a rock formation. I asked him to stop so I could rip my clothes off and go running like a wild woman into the ocean. We came to a screeching halt, pulled off onto the beach, and I did exactly as I wanted to. My dogs joined in on the fun as I just ran and ran along the crashing waves, diving into the water and feeling so free.
Little did I know, this experience would stick with me and I would reminisce on it often. I posted a photo of that day today on IG as a pre-view of what’s to come. From this day forward, I am owning all of my womanhood. My sexuality, my maternal instinct, my confidence, my crystals and my sage. I’m making a pledge to not shy away from myself in fear of how others will perceive me. I’m here to encourage you to do the same.
GET NAKED. Let the world see you for who you are.
I do mean getting naked literally, but I also mean it figuratively.
Go get naked and look at yourself in the mirror. Try to do this without judgment (we’re so hard on ourselves, and girl, those cupcakes are so damn good). See all that you are as a woman. As a strong ass being. Someone with rolls and muscles and skin and a beating heart. You have SO MUCH to offer this world and all of that lives in your body. Your beautiful, womanly body. Appreciate her. Worship her. Love her in all her fluctuating forms.
Then, go get naked in your mind. Peel back the pain and the hurt and the external pressure and just be with yourself for a minute, or several. Who are you? Maybe write this in a journal. Who do you want the world to see? I wasn’t a huge basketball fan, but I do know that Kobe’s death gave us all a glimpse of how short life can be. If you’re not bringing yourself to the world with all you have, you don’t know if you’ll have the chance “later.” The time is now to get naked. To be seen for all that you are.
Enough hiding. Enough bullshit. Let those close to you in.
If they betray you. If they break your heart. If they leave you. Good. Pain is part of life and if they’re not here for all of you, then they’re missing out, girlfriend. Because you’re the whole package. You’re not supposed to fit in a little, tiny, perfect, box.

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