First and foremost, hi. We’re still here.

Wow wow wow. IDK what has me more thrown off, daylight savings, Covid-19, constant rain (San Diego) or my period. Regardless, hello, welcome to the ALIVE! Inspo e-mail, and I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday.
I mean seriously, is it just me, or did that hour forward REALLY mess with you? I’m having so much trouble adjusting.
Anyway, I write this today from my yoga mat while the movie 21 plays in the background. I’m listening to the rain, my absolute favorite, and I have done several cat-cows, child’s poses, and downward facing dogs after what feels like a week of sitting on my growing ass.
Over the last few days, I have felt very passionate (and hungry…like for food), so I’m going to focus on passion so I don’t gain a quarantine 15.
In the midst of all of this, I feel so much passion for life! There is so much stuff we can do for free (or close to it) while we are social distancing and electing to stay in our homes.
We can organize our closets (I got rid of two full bags of clothes last night!!), our refrigerators (bye bye 2 year old pickles). We can watch videos of people auditioning for talent competitions. We can do the things around the house we’ve been meaning to do.
We can Netflix binge, explore your vagina, read books, do sit ups and jumping jax, SO SO much. Cuddle your kittens, your pups, your partners, or your pillows for god sakes.
I encourage you to try a new recipe, really enjoy your food, try to stay present and remember self care is critical.
I know that all of our situations are different. Some of us work from home, some of us are stay-at-home mothers, some of us work in the service industry, and cannot work. It’s important to remember that for some of us, this quarantine doesn’t mean too much, and for some it means potentially being unable to pay for rent, mortgages, or auto loans. Use your empathy function in your heart to give when you can, and keep others top of mind, while we’re encouraged to be hands off.
Energy matters.
During this time of uncertainty, I encourage you to focus on things that are certain.
You are able to move your body.
You are able to drink water.
You are able to pick up your cell phone and call your loved ones.
You have plumbing that works.
You have people that love you.
You have your breath.
You have your heart.
Cherish those things.
I’m sending you all an abundance of love, and virtual hugs.
Please respond to this e-mail with any future topics you’d like for me to write about. What are you interested in hearing from me, babes?

xo –Lauren

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