Honoring yourself is also about not being an asshole to others.  

Hi! I’m Lauren and I approve this message!
Number one: I missed Monday this week. I’m sorry for that! I didn’t even realize that it was Monday until it was already Tuesday. Can we all agree that life is just one giant day right now? Okay, great!
As I write this, my spirits are high and I’m feeling like a soaring bird. Not really knowing when I’m going to land, but having faith that I will indeed land, and it will be graceful AF.
I’m on my period rn, and I am remarkably bloated, but for a multitude of reasons, I feel like an unstoppable force of nature. I just know that the universe has my back, and I surrender to this big life thing. It’s gonna be a ride no matter what, so let’s make it fun.
Alright, back to onto the topic of today, honoring our feminine, and the feminine of others.
Since I started my Only Fans, I have had so many conversations with so many people about it. Some very encouraging, some not so much. One thing that certain is everyone has an opinion on the matter.
I’m really excited to announce that I’ve finally formed my own opinion about a big decision I made in my life. I’m loving it, and I’m so excited to grow it. My mind is so open to new experiences and new emotions and knowledge because I feel like my true nature is able to come out and play. I want to help other women with this feeling, and this is where the excitement resides.
Over the past few years, I have tried to find my groove or my thread, my thing, that brings together my feminism, inquisitive nature, desire to help women, and expertise in communication. What I didn’t realize is that the missing link all along has been the thing I’ve been so reluctant to explore: Sexual expression.
Sexual expression is my missing link ya’ll!!!! It’s what I’m the most curious about, it’s what I’m the most comfortable discussing. It’s the piece of us that’s so jaded by pain and shame and cultural norms. It’s the area where we all feel vulnerable and afraid and excited and lustful.
Exploring my sexuality (in private and online) has opened up a clarity for me that I didn’t even know existed. It’s my path forward. It’s my thread.
I’ve talked with so many women about their need to feel more desirable, more pleasure, more exploratory, more creative. Wanting wanting wanting, but nervous to act on it for fear of what others may think. For fear of what she may think about herself.
This is the key. We box ourselves into a societal expectation that others created for us. It’s different for everyone, but there’s a narrative that speaks to us all about how and what women should be.
Even when we decide to explore, we internalize so much of this negativity and end up feeling dirty or gross. Okay, how dare you, you big societal asshole, make me feel like shit about wanting to masturbate or have multiple partners. Rude.
I’m here to tell you that actively putting that narrative behind me has changed my life forever.
When it comes to our sex and sexuality, I’m sure we all have experiences, “good” and “bad”, that shaped the way we view ourselves. We’ve all likely faked orgasms and told one too many men that their dicks were extraordinary.
Some of us have sent sexy nudes. Some of us have never had sex. Some of us have had 63 partners. Some of us have been paid for sex. Some of us want to have one partner for the rest of our lives. Other’s want to have wild orgies with wieners all over the place.
Before we eye roll or comment on what we don’t understand, I ask you, does it really matter? As I continue to ramble at this moment in time, I beg you to question why you hate your own sexuality. Why you judge other women for theirs. I think the answer is because we are confused AF as a society about what being in touch with our sexuality, our feminine and masculine really means.
We long for things we shame others for. We pretend we know the answers. We reject because we’re afraid of the what ifs. But isn’t this all one big, fun experimental experience? Shouldn’t we just let other women live. Have conversations about sex positions, get tips and pointers, open up to our sisterhood? I think yyyaaassssss.
And finally, when you have an inkling to follow a path, and maybe you don’t know why, but your heart, your body, is pulling you hard. Go for it. Try it. Start. Stop. Leave. Stay. Whatever you have to do to honor yourself, go there.
Because honoring yourself means taking risks, and trusting that it will be better than okay on the other side.
I took a huge risk to quit my professional teaching job AT COLLEGES HOLY SHIT to pursue a path deemed deviant and cynical, but I’m skating toward the most joyful and happiest I’ve ever been, making dollars doing it, and creating a platform and business that I never even thought of until I stepped out on that ledge.
Here we go! Jump baby, jump! (Of course this is a metaphor, so don’t get it twisted).
Also, please watch this if you want to feel really pissed and slapped in the face and also enlightened and inspired all at once.
I love you. Stay curious. 

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