You are not your fears. 

Hello sexy people,
Mama’s gonna make it short tonight because I drank 1.5 glasses of wine and my limit is zero.
Soooooo, I bought a car today. It’s really exciting because it’s a Prius. All I have wanted since I sold my last Prius to move into a Transit Van is another Prius. It’s a really exciting day!
I think I even spent too much on it and could have at least had a bougie ass Mercedes or something, but no, my inner sporty hippie had to have a Prius.
I also met an amazing woman that inspired me and has helped me get focused on what I want to do over the next few months, and I’m really excited about this new friendship.
My heart is feeling light and full and a little bit playful at the moment, and that’s a wonderful thing.
My words of the week are these: Open your heart to a life where fear happens, but it doesn’t stop you.
I have always struggled with fear of hurting others, disappointing myself, and/or failing and these fears have subconsciously held me back from the women I know I can be.
I truly feel like the only way to overcome this is to do the things you are afraid of. Speak your truth. And more importantly, DO YOUR TRUTH.

Your real truth, not your angry, spiteful truth, but the truth that you know deep down in your heart that you feel.
I know that many of us don’t know what our real truth is all the time because we’re disconnected from ourselves, but I do know that through meditation, journaling, yoga, time alone, our truth becomes more clear.
Here’s a reminder that your truth is simply that. Your truth. Do not expect others to align exactly as you’ve hoped.
As my brother-in-law said this week, life is just a series of experiences. It’s all about how we perceive and react to them.
I’m choosing to respond to life from an open hearted lens and not one of fear of judgment. I know that fear will come, but it will not be debilitating because I trust myself and I trust in energy and the universe.
I know it seems tough, especially now. It may seem like life is out to get you. It might seem like things are really f-ed up and you’re not worth the effort, but you are.

You don’t have to succumb to fear. You’re not stuck. You can chose love, you can chose to grow. You can do this life thing.
Okay, wait. I said I would make this short and now it’s not short at all and now I’m chugging water.
All I know for sure is it cost me $28 to fill up my fuel tank today (from allllll the way empty).
Take a bet on yourself, and I think it will cost you less than you think to get yourself from empty to full too 😉
Anyway, I love ya’ll. As always, I’m so grateful to have you here.

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