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I am.

podcast host

Hi! My name is Lauren White, aka Shewolf Lauren. I am a sexual embodiment & personal power coach. I am dedicated to supporting others on their truth, freedom, and pleasure quests. 

My work focuses on coming back into the body, radical celebration of the self, erotic inquisition, inner child connection, personal power reclamation, dissolution of the ego, and so much more.

I find that in order to truly live in purpose, we must first become fluent in our heart’s language and have the courage to pursue that. The work I encourage my clients to do is not for the faint of heart. It’s for people who are ready to face all the corners of themselves. 

I believe that we are alive to follow that whirling sensation in our hearts. We have a responsibility to be in pursuit of what sets our souls on fire if we have the privilege to do so. I believe in the power of love, in reconnecting with the wild within us, and in reclaiming that we truly are ALL THAT IS.

I utilize methodologies from various facets of my life. In addition to teaching from my own life experiences,  I am a Certified Holistic Sex Educator, I hold a Master’s Degree in Communication with an emphasis in Women’s Studies, a Doula Certification, and a Registered Yoga Teacher Certification. 

It is the greatest gift of my life to be able to serve in the ways I do.

Cheers to being ALIVE!

I love you! I am you. Ou! Ou! Ouuu!