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I was trying to type my love story with Shane, and it kept not sounding right and getting longer and longer and longer as I tried to detail it in all of it’s glory!

Through that process, Shane and I decided that we’re going to record an episode on his Podcast, HUMINT, where we just talk about the past year and all that has transpired. You’d rather hear it from both of us anyway, just trust me.

Here’s the skinny (as skinny as I could make it lol) of our beautiful love:

– Shane and I met online in January of 2021

-We had quite literally almost met many times over the span of 5 years, and never did. Same friendgroup. Same time spent at the same university. Same residential neighborhoods again and again.

-We decided to have a very casual first date per my request, and while the date wowed both of us, Shane messaged me the next day that he didn’t feel a romantic connection (ego blow big time for me), and then practically begged me to remain friends.

-Although I had never had a hot, straight, man friend, it became obvious that Shane had something very special inside him, and I wanted to be around it constantly. Because any type of romantic or physical connection was completely off the table, our friendship happened like a firework and we were inseparable.

-This feeling of “why aren’t we just dating” would wash over us, as people would ask, and we’d both search internally, but the answer was always, “we’re just not forcing anything, and following our intuitions.”

-Weeks of friendship turned into months of best friendship. My coaching career began taking off, Shane met my parents, became close friends with my sister and bro-in-law, we explored all of San Diego on foot during long walks, and filled each other in on our dating lives, our wild nights, and mini-heartbreaks we experienced throughout.

-During this time, our love grew so undeniably unconditional, and I eventually, had a psychic vision (my first experience like this ever) where I saw Shane so clearly as the love of my life in an orgasmic, Kundalini, type blast off.

-After that point, my heart and mind opened greatly to the possibility of us being lovers, and I could feel that he wasn’t available for that. Something needed to still crack in him.

-While this tension was building inside of me, and I decided to leave San Diego indefinitely to explore myself, he and I took an undiscussed break from our long walks, and best friendship shenanigans for about 2 months. During that time, we were both searching, and falling more in love with ourselves. Both of us had massive heart breakthroughs, and would tele-support each other as much as possible.

-I fell into my feminine with friends, and claimed my power. He let himself fully feel the heartbreak from another woman. 

-While across the world from each other, we both pretty accidentally visited different psychics. Mine asked me,

“Why are you convincing yourself that you don’t want children?” 

Through tears, I replied, “I am so scared I’ll never meet the man I want to be their father.”

She said: “You can breathe easy. You already know him. You can’t stop thinking about him. Just let him come to you. He’ll be needing you like a boy needs his mother.”

Those words electrified and scarred me simultaneously. I had put out of my mind that it could be Shane and I panicked, thinking that my ex and I were going to get back together (HAHAHAH).

-The next day I left for Tulum, and folks, this is where the story makes a massive turn.

-While in Tulum, I partied with my friends, healed and honored my shamanic qualities, launched a Podcast with my sister, held Cami through her Bufo experience, and kept my coaching at full capacity.

-Here’s the deal: During that time, Shane was blowing up my phone. Needing me. Not giving a shit that I was the busiest I’d ever been. He was asking me to just call him in the 5 minute breaks I’d have between clients. He was really needing me to support him during this heart explosion he was having. I had never seen him like this and I thought it was kind of funny and cute.

-Finally, he just decided that if I wasn’t very available through the phone, that I would be in person, and he bought a one-way ticket to Tulum to stay with me.

-Until this point, we had never cuddled or had sleepovers, or anything like that. Always separate bedrooms and A-Frame hugs (lol love you babe).

-Shane and I are still mystified by what next transpired. Immediately upon his arrival, the cosmic energy between us was starkly different from the pure platonic friendship we had once had. Through an unraveling process that I still don’t fully understand, I had re-birthed in profound ways that transformed the essence of who I was as a woman. 

-Each day some magic intervention brought us closer together. Our hearts allowed the rawness of the other in. We both recognized the archetypal nature of boy needing mother, lion needing lioness, and finally, King needing Queen. It was all right there in front of us with the foundation of a deep friendship that had no expectations. No front. No shadow. 

-The days turned into weeks in Tulum. Shane’s soft boy heart turned into a soft King heart. He fell as madly in love with me as I had seen in my vision and heard in the words of the psychic in Florida.

-During that sweaty summer month in Tulum, the two of us became the one of us, and my forever King swept me off my feet.

-Upon our return to California, he moved out of his La Jolla condo. We decided to just move around from CA mountain town Airbnbs to Austin Airbnbs.

-This phase was short lived, however, upon deciding that we wanted to buy a compound in the forest for our creative endeavors. It happened. We closed on Thanksgiving 2021, got organized the next month, got really sick for Christmas, and emerged from our sickness to take a weekend trip to Laguna Beach.

-AND BOOM BABY!!! That’s where he popped the question. So special, so intimate, so private. Just the two of us on a cliff, overlooking the blue water, and the crashing waves. No video evidence. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

-My whole family flew in to celebrate our engagement and to bless our new home, and it was the most special weekend for me. My mom, my dad, my step-mom, and step-dad, my sister, and brother-in-law, all loving our love under one roof.

Once all that was through, it felt like the right time to share with you all, my beautiful pack.

Those are the bones of the story. It’s as mysterious to me at times as I’m sure this is to you. Isn’t that how love always is, the most tremendous mystery?

I love you all and I’m really grateful to be able to share this story with you now. Expect lots more content from me about nourishing love, sex, and relationships.

The heart space is the only space I want to explore… likely for the rest of my life.

If you’re interested diving into your heart space and showing up for yourself in the juiciest way, click here to apply for my 1:1 Teaching Experience.

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