How we decided to move to Mexico

Good morning from Monday, August the 22 in West Palm Beach, Florida!
Let me see, let me see, let me see…
Yes, there it is. I’ll start with hello.
Hello beautiful! I’m so grateful for your patience and that you’re here reading my words. I know I’ve been promising a life update for quite some time, and the day has finally arrived.
I put up a story 2.5 months ago (can’t believe it’s been that long) where I teased you and did options for what my life update could be. The options were:

 A. I’m pregnant
B. We’re selling our house and moving to Mexico
C. We just got married
D. I just signed a Netfix deal
Today, I’m here to answer that for you with some special photos of our transition!
Drum roll pleaaaasseeeee:
It’s B!
We’re MOVING TO MEXICO (at least for now)!

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you’ll remember that Shane and I bought our house in Lake Arrowhead, California in late November of 2021. It happened really fast, and it was so exciting for us. I’ve included a few photos of the place for you to see in this post.
When we found the house, I couldn’t believe that it was going to be ours. I was so enamored by all of the beautiful little spaces, the hundreds of trees, the isolation of being in a small mountain town, and just the idea that Shane and I would create a special home together. I LOVED nesting and dreaming up new ways to decorate and remodel. I even created a private Instagram page to share more from the house.
Living there felt like some kind of a world where time didn’t exist. Like a rainbow blur where the days were beautiful, and a little fuzzy and grey all at once. We were so isolated from social life that we really dug in deep on each other and what we want out of our lives. We had rolling laugh attacks and the best cubbies to pop out and scare the shit out of each other from. At the same time, we really missed the joy we both receive from people watching at coffee shops, having sweaty humidity sex, and experiencing different cultures and cuisines at a whim.

Our living room 🙂

In June (on the day I posted that story poll), I was sitting on top of Shane after we had just had a conversation about our energy being a bit off, and I just blurted out… “Do you just want to sell the house and move to Tulum?”
A smile danced across Shane’s face, and he said, “My body says yes.”
And so, the plan was in motion. The market was in a great place to list, and we just went balls to the wall.
I messaged our realtor, she came over that week to give some selling pointers, and we had it listed that month.
My mom came up for a week, and we had an old school garage sale (with signs around the neighborhood and everything). Selling so much of our stuff reminded me of when I sold everything I owned to move into a van back in 2018. Having hardly any possessions sets my soul on fire in a way very few other experiences do.
I LOVE SHEDDING. It’s maybe a fetish. Shedding lovers? Who’s with me??
Our house is now in final stages of escrow, all of our belongings are back in a 10×10 storage unit, and we’re now in Florida with our dog, MoMo, to celebrate my dad’s 60th! We’ll then head straight to Quintana Roo, Mexico from here!

If you listen to my podcast, you know that my sister, Camille, was living in our guest house in Arrowhead. Don’t fret, she and her little dog, Rudy, are coming to Mexico too! It’s a family affair!
Surprisingly, this decision to move actually wasn’t very hard. We had a few sob fests over leaving the house, and all the memories we accumulated there over the last 9 months, but ultimately, we never got the intuitive urge to stay.
Big transitions tend to happen in 9 month increments for me, and this was no different. In fact, I’ll share this little wild detail with you…
This is wild.

On January 1, 2022 (the day before Shane proposed to me), we went to a psychic in Laguna Beach. At the end of both of our readings, she said,
“Are you planning on moving soon?”
We laughed and said, “No, we just bought a house last month, but we wouldn’t put anything past us.”
She replied, “That’s interesting…I see an 8. It’s not 8 days or 8 years. It’s 8 months. I see a big move for you in 8 months.”

It wasn’t until we were already in motion on selling the house that we remembered what she had said. 8 months. It was exactly 8 months from the time those words left her lips. I LOVE IT.
We don’t know how long we’ll be in Mexico, if we’ll become residents, if we’ll move back soon, or go to Thailand or Spain, or wherever for a short or long while afterward.
I’m turning 30 in October and I always thought that I’d have more answers the older I got. Turns out, I have less. I’m also having the most fun I’ve ever had, and have the most peace in my heart, body, and mind. It’s magnificent. Transformation is possible.
I am really excited for all that’s to come in life, and for all that’s in front of me right now.
Camille and I are planning out our next few podcast episodes for you after a no-warning pause on recording (so sorry about that).
I’ve got some Mexico retreat ideas on my mind, and a few e-books and programs as well.
It’s my honor to continue to show up for you all, and I cannot tell you how thankful I am for your continued support and interest while I navigate life’s infinitely magical waters.
I love you. I am you. Thank you.

Master Bedroom 🙂

Cloudy forrest day with Shane in Arrowhead

Ou! Ou! Ouuu!!

I love you.

– Lauren

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