If you need a sign… 

Hello beautiful. If you need a sign to start the work, here it is. Stop sitting on your ass and coming up with a million excuses for why you can’t begin and go START. If you are intimidated, good. If you are too busy, good. If you want to avoid it because it’s easier, good.
All of those are signs that you need to walk toward this thing and hit the gas pedal!
I’m writing this to you because I recently had the same talk with myself. The reality of the situation is so many women have million dollar ideas and they think and think and think and talk and talk and talk but they don’t act and act and act.
We must ACT if we want to change the trajectory of our lives and our family’s lives. So here’s your sign gurl. Get busy.
When I’m talking about the “work”, I mean putting in the time and effort toward your goal. Manifesting what you want in life and going to GET IT. It can be any goal.
You want to feel better in your body.
You want to make more money.
You want to heal the wounds of your past.
You want to forgive your father.
You want to be a more present mother.
You want to get a new job.
You want to finish your degree.
Whatever your goal may be, it’s valuable, and you can do it. But you need to act.
This week, start by making a vision board that highlights the big picture of your goals. For example, cut photos out of a magazine or print out photos that make you feel amazing. Think about how you will feel going through the process. Use photos that give you hope for a brighter future in your enhanced life.
How you will feel on the vacation? How you will feel having more free time? How you will feel after diving deep into your new career? Visually, make a representation of those. Search Pinterest for vision board inspo. 
Your vision board can be as elaborate or simple as you want, but just make sure it speaks to you.
Try to put it in a place where you see it everyday. If that doesn’t work with your design aesthetic, take a photo of it and set it as your screen saver on your phone.
This will help you to manifest your goal as you take action toward it because you’ll be seeing it, and making it your reality before it even happens.
I try to make a new vision board a few times a year and it’s fun for me to use my creativity to make something that speaks to me.
Go to Michael’s to get glitter and gel pens if that’s your thing, or collect beautiful pieces of the outdoors, or draw something that speaks to you. Whatever you want to create, do it, and make it special for you so that you feel inspired to move toward your goals.
If creating a vision board isn’t your thing, write your goals down and try to read them everyday. If we don’t know what’s going to happen 5 seconds from now, we don’t have time to sleep on what matters to us.
The time is now to create your future. You’re behind the wheel in this life, and I’m excited for you to take control of your journey.
I’m starting the life I want to live today. Who’s with me?!

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