It is so time. 

Happy Monday, beauties! Just wanting to remind you that this is 2020, and it’s a new decade! This is such a wonderful opportunity to bring your best self into the world.

Sure, we all may display ourselves differently, wear different clothes, and have different strengths, but inside all of us, there is a powerful, deep, smart, and worthy woman.

We are all capable of feeling confident, sexy, courageous, and ALIVE! These internal fires do not discriminate. There is no one type of woman that is more worthy of love and light.

So, today and moving forward, let’s take a chance on ourselves. How about betting on you? Just think for a moment of all the men and women we’ve taken chances on. Ha! What!?!

You think Carlos was worthy of your love, attention, and support, but you don’t think you’re worthy of your love, attention, and support? THINK AGAIN, SISTER! All those chances we give our kids and our pets to get their shit together (often literally), but we are so damn hard on ourselves when we even misspell one word in an e-mail.

Do you have any idea how many times my dog Molly has peed on my carpet right in front of my eyes? Do you know that I still love her without condition? I mean, I would probably die for that animal, and she fails me daily. I’m working toward having that kind of love for myself. Are you?

When we live in love with ourselves, we are more likely to GO FOR IT in other aspects of our lives. We are more likely to start the business, to go to the audition, to have the difficult conversations we’ve been avoiding.

We need women just like you, just like me, just like we, to stand up, take chances on ourselves, and share our gifts with the world. We need role models for our little girls and boys to look up to. Can you imagine how powerful our babies will be if they grow up seeing their moms and grandmas and aunts and friends loving themselves and living life unafraid to be themselves?

I can imaging it, and it’s a beautiful thing.

So this is your sign today to go take a chance on yourself. Tell the co-worker that you think he’s hot. Take a sexy selfie. Start making moves toward your dream business. Sell all your stuff and move into a van. Dye your hair pink. Whatever a chance means to you, go DO IT. I believe in you. And soon, so will you.

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